One look at Casey Steinmiller's photography will reveal where his passion lies. His images are pure, swaths of white in a sea of black, capturing raw emotion and wild movement with perfect clarity. Even from a young age, he took to hardcore rock music and bare but impactful art. At the age of 21, in a local Pittsburg bar, he discovered photography as the perfect bridge between two loves. Perhaps his greatest talent is capturing sound through still images. One can almost hear the music, feel the rhythmic pumping of the band, sway with the movements of the enraptured crowd.
Casey Steinmiller is a photographer, graphic designer, and videographer who specializes in concert and portrait photography. Experience ranges from local venues to large-scale events such as the Warped Tour. However, he has found particular enjoyment in touring with bands, which he has done many times across the United States. His speciality is in stark, contrasting black and white images, but can just a easily use color (when the situation calls for it). If you're looking for a unique and exhilarating perspective into an intense industry, contact Casey at